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Proviteh recognised the need for a website that would give customers easy access to information about their intercom systems and services. At the same time, they wanted to promote their products through online brochures without focusing on complex SEO optimisation. Their key objectives were:

  1. Create a Clear and Informative Website: Their website should offer a clear presentation of their products and services.
  2. Add Brochures to Increase Sales: They wanted to add downloadable brochures to offer customers additional information and drive sales.
  3. Keep up to date with Intercom Trends: Their website was to allow them to keep up to date with current trends and technologies in the field of intercom systems.
    Website development

The first step in the project was to design the website. Our team worked with the client to understand their wants and needs. The website was designed to be clear and user-friendly. The main information about their products and services was easily accessible, which made navigation easier for visitors.

Trend tracking

To help Proviteh stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies in the world of intercom systems, we have included a “News and Updates” section. This section provides easy access to the latest industry information and allows customers to stay informed about everything that is happening at Proviteh.


The website project for Proviteh reflected their desire for a simple but effective online presence. Instead of SEO optimisation, we focused on presenting their products and services in a clear and attractive way. Online brochures further enhanced the value of the website and helped to increase sales.

Our agency, IB Web Agency, remains committed to providing our clients with tailored solutions that meet their needs and objectives. The project for ProViteh was a great example of how we can achieve the desired results with the right approach and collaboration between client and agency. We look forward to the opportunity to continue working together and helping our clients grow and thrive online.


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Website Development

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