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We are pleased to present our success story in creating a website for Pronet and their ServisRač project. Our agency, IB Web Agency, is committed to helping our clients achieve exceptional results online, and this project was no exception.

Introduction to the Project

When we first met with Pronet, we knew they had a unique mission – to offer the highest quality computer and Apple device repair services in Maribor. Our goal was to make their online presence as exceptional as their services. Their key objectives were:

  1. Increase Online Visibility: they wanted to appear first in search engines for the keywords “computer repair Maribor” and “Apple repair Maribor”.
  2. Increase Traffic: they wanted to attract more visitors to their website and convert them into customers.
  3. Website Design and Development

To achieve these goals, we undertook a thorough planning and design of the website. First, we designed a modern and attractive website that allowed users to navigate easily and quickly access information about our services.

We then turned our attention to search engine optimisation (SEO). We tailored the content to reflect the keywords the client wanted to rank for and ensured the site was fast and responsive. In addition, we carried out high-quality on-page and off-page optimisation.

Digital Marketing and SEO Optimisation

When we launched the website, we focused on SEO optimisation and digital marketing. We implemented various strategies, including creating quality content, building high-quality backlinks, and improving the user experience on the website.

The results of our hard work soon became evident. Slowly but steadily, Pronet climbed to the top of the search engines for the keywords “computer repair Maribor” and “Apple repair Maribor”. Their website became not only more visible, but also more visited.

Increased Traffic and Customer Satisfaction

The increase in website traffic has had a number of positive effects. The client has seen an increased level of demand for its services, which has led to an increase in the number of clients and revenue. They also increased the visibility and reputation of the company, which attracted even more customers.

Most importantly, Pronet’s client was extremely satisfied with the results achieved. Our team persevered and focused on their objectives, which led to a recognisable success in increasing turnover and improving business.

The ServisRač project for Pronet is a great example of how the right approach, professionalism and dedication can improve online presence and deliver outstanding results. Our agency, IB Web Agency, was proud to be able to help the client achieve their goals and climb to the top in Maribor under the keywords “computer repair Maribor” and “Apple repair Maribor”.

Our mission is to ensure that every client achieves success online, and this project is a great example of how we can achieve great results with the right approach.


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